- I love that people of different ages and backgrounds all socialize together. 

- I really love that people here can laugh and be irreverent and write limericks together. 

- I love learning about the amazing talents and backgrounds of our members and the gifts they share with St. Andrews.  

- I love that you can find conservative and liberal-leaning campaign stickers on cars parked side by side and no one seems to mind. 

- I love that children's Sunday school has its own candles to light, collection plate to pass, and chosen ministry to support. I love that instead of being "God simplified for kids," it has always seemed to be "Kids connecting to God."  
When asked what we liked about St. Andrew's, we responded 
For me, it's when I see the kids involved - whether during the 10 am service singing, during the annual youth service, performing on Christmas Eve, or making a difference through outreach activities. 

 I think it is finding out how simply good people are, and how they quietly share their time and talents: a truly uplifting and humbling realization. 

Our marvelous youth and the adults who work with them. We're quite blessed here.  

The Holy Spirit is on every face in the congregation and affects me in a palpable, heartfelt way. I always feel closer to God when I worship at St. Andrews.  

I not only feel close to God and His Son at St. Andrew’s. That’s a given. I also feel close to my parents, my sisters and my grandparents who were all Episcopalians. My mother and father were both active in the life of St. Andrew’s and it was their example that I followed as I was growing up. I guess you could say that my heart and soul both LIVE at St. Andrew’s. It’s my HOME! It’s warm and comforting there.  

The thing I like most about St. Andrew's is the sense of community and the true respect, care, sharing, listening, spirit, energy, and thought we give to each other. I see us as a team inspired by the Holy Spirit to pursue real avenues of outreach and leadership.  

The people.... It's all about the people.  

I treasure the warm, caring, family attitudes/behaviors among our members showing genuine concern for the well being of all in our parish.

The thing that I love most about St. Andrew’s is the very real sense of family that exists here.  

I enjoy being with the fellow worshipers. At this moment I am smiling as I think of the young kids who are in the nave waiting to go to the Altar rail. They are so alive……they help me to feel younger.  

​When I joined St. Andrew's in the late 1960s, the rector Bob Zimmerman remarked to me that any person considering the position of rector needed to appreciate that at least half the congregation of St. Andrew's come from different faith traditions or are skeptical academics. I am not a cradle Episcopalian and very low church. I have had moments thinking I don't belong as the church, starting about 2001, began to introduce higher church symbols such as incense, icons, bells, and novena candles, which are important parts of worship for many and a distraction to me. So I visited other churches. But I always returned to St. Andrew's because of my love for the people and their tolerance of others including me.  

We also responded with pictures

I took this picture at the youth service when Fr. Jim had all the kids at the alter. To me this is something we should aspire to be, all intimately involved in the sacrament. 
Welcome to St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
where we connect to God, to our community, and to each other.

I love how beautiful the church looks after being dressed in live greens and candles during the Christmas season.