Altar Guild:
Being a part of St. Andrew's Altar Guild offers a special ministry of services to the clergy and the congregation. The altar is the center of the church's worship and is the main concern of the Altar Guild.  Throughout the year, the Altar Guild maintains a supply of wine, wafers and bread, fills the candles, washes and irons the communion linens and keeps the silver and brass polished.  The Altar Guild sets up the altar for the Holy Eucharist, baptisms, weddings, memorial services and funerals. The committee, along with other congregants, decorates the church for all festival days.

Through the quiet and unobtrusive service of these dedicated parishioners, the worship for everyone is enhanced. Each member of the Altar Guild also receives the rewards of deep Christian fellowship and spiritual growth. The actual time involved is not overwhelming, the sense of support, love and group commitment is. 
      This team functions as acolytes, torchbearers, crucifers (processional cross bearer) and Gospel bearers. Many go on to become Chalice Bearers or Lay Eucharist Visitors. Children can begin serving as acolytes when they are at least 8 years old and to be a server, children should be at least 12 years old. Several adults are also a vital part of this ministry.  Acolytes assist the clergy and other worship leaders with our worship services. Initial and ongoing training is provided.
Eucharistic Visitors /Chalice Bearers/Lectors and Prayer Leaders assist the clergy in public worship.  Chalice Bearers (Lay Eucharistic Ministers) assist by administering consecrated wine. Eucharistic Ministers are approved by the Rector and licensed by the Bishop to assist in serving at the altar during Eucharist. Some go on to be trained as Eucharistic Visitors. Lectors and Prayer Leaders assist in public worship by reading the Word of God and by reading the Prayers of the People. 

St. Andrew's Ministries
     Greeters are the first faces members see as they walk the path to our open doors. Greeters are there to say hello and to acknowledge new faces. They assure newcomers know where all facilities are located, especially the nursery and rest rooms. Greeters also try to get as much information as possible from newcomers so that we can properly follow-up with additional welcome and make them feel at home here at St. Andrew’s. Our Greeters also help during the service with the collection and with the Holy Eucharist. 

The Prayer Shawl Ministry knits and crochets shawls for those in need of comfort and support. Since it’s beginning in 2006, the group has presented more than fifty shawls to members and family members of St. Andrew’s during times of illness, death, or other life-changing events. Each shawl is sent off with a blessing filled with love and prayers from the whole church family.

Our Calling & Caring Ministry has several St. Andreans who provide transportation to and from worship services as well as to doctor’s appointments and to other necessary functions. They provide meals for those who are recuperating from an illness or surgery; they are available to care for young children when a parent is ill or in need of assistance, and they provide companionship.  

St. Francis Memorial Garden
We honor the memory of our deceased parishioners whose ashes are buried in our St. Francis Memorial Garden. A special committee cares for the garden and organizes periodic work parties to maintain the Garden. Those who are interred in the garden are remembered in prayer at All Saints celebrations.